MISS SL ♛ USA Trinity Graves

american-flagTaking a moment to introduce myself. Hai! I am Trinity Graves currently MISS SL ♛ USA. I can not express my excitement and gratitude for the opportunity to represent my country in the Miss SL Pageant.

For many years I have been a model in Second Life. Modeling for me has had its ups and downs of course. Like many models I have had moments of great clarity and joy. There have also been moments of sadness and disappointment. Though I would not trade a single moment for any of the experiences I have enjoyed along the way. Every contest and fashion show, each model shoot has been a learning experience in some way.

There have been many supporters along the way. Not one of them could I have done this without. Thanking each and every one is something I will continue to do forever. The best way I can think to show my appreciation and love for everything that has been done for me is to go out and do my very best every day to be a good honest person and outstanding citizen of Second Life. It is my fervent hope that in some small way at least I can inspire others to live their dreams and know that anything they put their mind to can be accomplished with a little hard work and a lot of dedication.



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