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Tall, willowy nameless faces
Eager to play their part
Strut elegantly down the runway
In beautiful pieces of art.
Backstage an artists pallet
Creates the image shown
For the designers and the their creations
The famous and the yet to be known.
Make love to the camera as they strike a pose
At the end of the runway in stunning clothes.
When the cast is gathered
And the show is at its end
The lights go down
Until it starts again.

by Jaiden Pyke

Style Card:

Chop Zuey Angel of My Heart Set, Moonlight in Love Gold Wedding set

Dot-be Gown Acadia red

! Laville ! Simple Fur Stole

:AE: Appliers forSLINK Hands Opera Gloves

Madrid Solo-Custom- Honey West for Trinity

~Tableau Vivant~ Barley Hair – Equinox

*LODE* Hat – Glitter Rose

Poses by In-Pose!

Photographer Trinity Graves