Friends are Forever

Snapshot_005 Snapshot_009 Snapshot_010We Met online, Had a good time.

Chatted again, and became good friends.

Time went on and still we’re here

and I truly believe your someone dear!

Here’s something I’d like to share with you,

for all your love and kindness too.

It’s a symbol of the friendship we share together,

a friendship I hope will last forever.

And although we live so far apart…..

Always remember you hold a piece of my heart.

Author Unknown

Today’s Post Highlights Friendship and I am so lucky to have such a good friend in Spirit Llewellyn. She joins me in my blog today to bring you some cute dresses for springtime fun! Thank you my friend.

Style Card:


::: B@R ::: Foreeta This dress comes in 3 colors pink blue and purple all in the same package and is so super cute.

* PINK HUSTLER * hair *

Bens Boutique – Larissa High Heels (Slink High) -(With Hud)

Madrid Solo -Mix & Match Adored Eyes

Chop Zuey Paparazzi II Blu Set

{C.C.M.} Sexy Lips


::: B@re Rose Foreeta ::: Purple

Shoes~ *MC* Heartbreaker (slink high)

Hair~ “”D!va“” Averil (MVW 2014 USA) Citrine

Jewelry~ Chop Zuey “Gloriana” Purple Necklace and Earrings

Makeup~ Madrid Solo Ensemble Lash and Liner Only
Madrid Solo U-Color- It Grace-Eyes

Pink Acid~ Lip Gloss& Blush Purple

OW~ Basket with Flowers (Pink-white)

Poses By In-Pose!

Photography by Trinity Graves


A little ray of sunshine!

Snapshot_001 Snapshot_002 Snapshot_004 Snapshot_006“We all have bad days,

but one thing is true;

no cloud is so dark that the sun

can’t shine through.”

Miranda Kerr

Here is a little warmth and a ray of hope that the sun will come back. For all of my friends who are suffering an extremely cold and over long winter. It is all done up with a pretty little bow and a stylish flair just for you.

Style card:

Tashi Shelby Coat

Chop Zuey Pentacostal Set Orange

Sweet Tea Atlanta Collection Ribbed Tights with Slink Appliers

eXxEsS Mesh Hair : PERPERUNA A

Fashion Addiction FASHION_Boots_Slink_High_DENISE

Madrid Solo -Eyeshadow- Shena-Gold

{C.C.M.} Sexy Lips

*LODE* Headwear – Valle I

“I recolored this  hat to match the look. However the original color is wonderful as well.”

Poses by In-Pose!

Photographer Trinity Graves

On the Runway

Snapshot_001 Snapshot_004 Snapshot_005 Snapshot_009

Tall, willowy nameless faces
Eager to play their part
Strut elegantly down the runway
In beautiful pieces of art.
Backstage an artists pallet
Creates the image shown
For the designers and the their creations
The famous and the yet to be known.
Make love to the camera as they strike a pose
At the end of the runway in stunning clothes.
When the cast is gathered
And the show is at its end
The lights go down
Until it starts again.

by Jaiden Pyke

Style Card:

Chop Zuey Angel of My Heart Set, Moonlight in Love Gold Wedding set

Dot-be Gown Acadia red

! Laville ! Simple Fur Stole

:AE: Appliers forSLINK Hands Opera Gloves

Madrid Solo-Custom- Honey West for Trinity

~Tableau Vivant~ Barley Hair – Equinox

*LODE* Hat – Glitter Rose

Poses by In-Pose!

Photographer Trinity Graves

Valentine Part Two

Snapshot_001 Snapshot_002 Snapshot_003 Snapshot_005“She never looked nice.

She looked like art,

and art wasn’t supposed to look nice;

It was supposed to make you feel something.”

Author unknown

Love and Fashion go hand in hand. Style and grace are two things that make a woman special. Giving of yourself to those you love while still finding the time to give back to yourself all the pretty things that make you feel like the amazing woman you are. This is love of fashion. So this Valentines day do not forget to love yourself. Here are some pretty things to help you feel amazing!

Style card:

. K E L I N I . Exclusive Dress ” Valentina ” for The With Love Fair 2015 by WeDo SL Events here is the slurl for the dress at the event :With Love Fair 2015

Chop Zuey Heart of Hope Plt Set at the Love is in the air event

Madrid Solo– Eyes & Lips- Seductress

MOON{Hair}. 21 Hours – Naturals 1

Poses by In-Pose!

Photographer Trinity Graves


Snapshot_005 Snapshot_007When I first saw you

I was afraid to meet you.

When I first met you

I was afraid to kiss you.

When I first kissed you

I was afraid to love you,

But now that I love you

I’m afraid to lose you.

Author Uknown

Love is in the air and today I have a special treat for you from some of my favorite designers.

Style Card:

. K E L I N I . Exclusive Dress ” Valentina ” for The With Love Fair 2015 by WeDo SL Events here is the slurl for the dress at the event :With Love Fair 2015

Chop Zuey Love Tango Texture Change Set for the Love is in the air event to be released on saturday the 7th of Feb 2015

Madrid Solo– Eyes & Lips- Seductress

.ploom. Mystic V2 – Blondes Hairbase

TRUTH HAIR Harmony – light blondes Hair

Pose by In-Pose! Release date TBA

Photographer Trinity Graves

Trinity Graves – MISS SL ♛ USA

Snapshot_002I made it!

The Miss SL 2nd audition country assignments.

How can I express what an honor it is to be selected to represent my home country. Being MISS SL ♛ USA is the most exciting challenge yet. I simply can not wait to see what the future holds and what new wonderful things I will learn on the way. I hope to do my country, my friends, my family, my fans and myself proud. Heres to America! Land of the red white and blue! Muwahs!

Style card:

Chop Zuey Misery & Oreos Set

Exile::Librarian Chic Blondes

Madrid Solo– Eyes – Seductress

{AnaMarkova} Brigitte Bustier Noir

{C.C.M.} Sexy Lips

Photographer : Trinity Graves


Miss SL – The Audition

15752389064_9d50c50936_o 15752391634_9c5724eaed_o 16188608499_a6e3e7bf06_o

The Miss SL audition was an amazing event. I enjoyed sharing the nerves and excitement of the ladies I competed with so much. Styling for it was just as exciting. Going that extra mile and putting in the effort to do my best. Worried about the look. Was it good enough? Would the judges understand what I was trying to accomplish with it? So much pleasure comes from the excitement of what if!

Style Card:

! !SSD ~ Aphrodite Jeweled Stilettos ~ Black Titanium

::HH:: Hucci Jinxi Gown – Sangria

Chop Zuey Ajisai jewels

Chop Zuey Nocturne Clutch Purse – Blk

TRUTH HAIR Thalia – light blondes

{C.C.M.} Sexy Lips

In-Pose! Trinity Poses

Slink Hands and feet

Photographer Tillie Ariantho

Thank you so much Tillie for the gorgeous pictures!

Miss SL – The Journey Begins


This is my head shot entry for the Miss SL Pageant.

I chose a clean modern look for my head shot because it represents a fresh start and a beautiful base. We must be beautiful inside and out underneath all the makeup, clothing and jewels in order to be a true winner.

Style card:

Chop Zuey Betty 2.0 Texture Change Set

TRUTH HAIR Neria – light blondes

{C.C.M.} Sexy Lips

Photographer : Euridice Qork

Thank you so much Euri for the amazing photo!

MISS SL ♛ USA Trinity Graves


Taking a moment to introduce myself. Hai! I am Trinity Graves currently MISS SL ♛ USA. I can not express my excitement and gratitude for the opportunity to represent my country in the Miss SL Pageant.

For many years I have been a model in Second Life. Modeling for me has had its ups and downs of course. Like many models I have had moments of great clarity and joy. There have also been moments of sadness and disappointment. Though I would not trade a single moment for any of the experiences I have enjoyed along the way. Every contest and fashion show, each model shoot has been a learning experience in some way.

There have been many supporters along the way. Not one of them could I have done this without. Thanking each and every one is something I will continue to do forever. The best way I can think to show my appreciation and love for everything that has been done for me is to go out and do my very best every day to be a good honest person and outstanding citizen of Second Life. It is my fervent hope that in some small way at least I can inspire others to live their dreams and know that anything they put their mind to can be accomplished with a little hard work and a lot of dedication.