This was our Halloween Tribute to Gustave Dore

Such a handsome fellow…

Rawrrrr …..

So safe with him…

He’s a stroooong man….

This was such a fun and fashionable Halloween I just had to share!

Todays Location is * C i c a *

Atlan Wears

Hair: Wasabi Pills, Ahiga Hair
Skin: Homage to Gustave Dore +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Engraved tattoo
Makeup: Violator Absolute Ambition Make_up red/black
Jacket: Miamai Nevermore-Jacket & additional Bone
Shoulders: Miamai Lulu
Pants, Shoes, Coat: Violator Urban Legend
Ring and Nails: Rozoregalia Gazellver
Eyes: Coca & Wolf Cracked Metal Eye
Necklace: Mandala Karma Necklace Sinjyuku Red
Bracelet: CZ “An Unquiet Grave Men’s Bracelet”

Trini wears

:: PM :: La Mort Douce Claws

[AD] Valentinegoth hair tattoo

creatives! hair .: perry dark/silver :. G3 *SE*

Homage to Gustave Dore +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Engraved tattoo


Violator Absolute Ambition Make_up red/black


Violator-Retribution for the Impudent Girl

Happy Halloween Guys and Dolls!

Now lets get ready for the rest of the holiday season!

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