These boots are made for walkin….

These boots are made for walkin, lovin, fightin, stylin, anything but hidin!
Wiccas Shoes_001Wicca’s new boots may be camo but hiding is not what you’ll be doing in them!

Wiccas Shoes_015Show them off to your Friends!

Wiccas Shoes_014Make a little wicked love in dark places!

Wiccas Shoes_013Claim your prey!

Whatever you do in Wicca’s Wardrobe – Mathayus Heels CD Exclusive you will do in style!

These boots are at The Couturier’s Docks @ SaliMar Art Sim (NEW LM for public)

They are limited quantity and going fast! Get yours before they fade into the night and are gone forever!


All That Glitters is Platinum?

Snapshot_012As the show begins we see our starlet posed and Beautiful ready for the audience.

Snapshot_014Her Jewels Glimmer and her Gown shines!

Snapshot_019The lights go down and her song begins.

Snapshot_016A more glowing beauty none has seen.

Should you find yourself ready for the spotlight I suggest this Jewelry and gown ensemble! The moment you step into the spotlight all eyes will be on you glittering and shining like an angel.

Style Card

Chop Zuey MVW El Caracol Set

[ZE] Petalite {SHINE} HUD-Appliers

In-Pose! Brittainy Poses


Chop Zuey Country Girl

Good Morning in the country.

Fresh air, clean living and beautiful couture.

CZ Country 1Relaxin by the pond in the early mornin hours can be glamorous too.

CZ Country Girl 2Hanging out watching the critters don’t mean you cant be sexy.

CZ Country Gril 3Sittin on a fence watchin the sunset is a nice way to relax on the farm.

CZ Country Girl 4At the end of the day its me and my Chop Zuey Jewelry hangin out and makin life just a little sweeter.

Chop Zuey Couture

The most versatile and elegant creations on the grid.

If you haven’t got yours yet get on down there and find your perfect piece today!

Style card

Chop Zuey MVW Heaven & Earth Set

[monso] My Overall – Dark Blue

Alyce Group Gift – Leopard Tops – Fire

Analog Dog Hair Bases (tattoo layer)

Madrid Solo- Honey West Eyeliner & Beauty Mark


Slink Ilena Sandals Brown

I think your Freaky but I like you ALOT!

Styling these boots I was listening to this song that says over and over” I fink your freaky but I like you alot” and I couldn’t help but realize that is just exactly how I feel about Wicca Merlin and her new boots.

wicca boots_006What is there not to love? Claws, metal, corset strings, spikes, awesome texture these boots really have it all. Wearing these boots make me feel strong, edgy and independent.

wicca boots_005Slinky, sexy and wild! Roar!!

wicca boots_004These boots truly are like Wicca wild and fierce and I for one am so glad to finally have a little piece of that for my very own!

Keep Styling Wicca I can’t wait to see what comes next.

If you have to have these boots too you better hurry down to the

The Couturier’s Docks @ SaliMar

They are going fast don’t let them slip through your fingers!

If you do lose your chance at the wickedness stop at the store and see what else she has to offer her Freaky Fans!

Wicca’s Wardrobe@ Crazy Connection

Wicca’s Wardrobe – Claw Boots Exclusive

:SS: Mesh Lace Leg Ribbon & Ballring Piercings


PMD – Bad Camo

~subOrdination~ by Soedara Rogue Sirik {Metal}

In-Pose! Erotiq Prop

Fashion For Life 2013 and Mohna Lisa Couture

Mohna lisa has Glittered his way into my heart with this elegant Lavender gown Perfectly named Tatiana. The gown features many wearable options including shoulder drape and bodice garnish. In addition to lovely matching earrings. I show it here in all its simple glory without the added extras. This gown is radiant with its shining glittery texture that moves as gracefully as you.

Mohna Lavender GownThe color serving to remind us that all proceeds for this gown go to support the Relay For Life Charity.


Photographer and Model Trinity Graves

Gown: Tatiana Gown  by Mohna Lisa Couture


Join us all this week as we shop to our hearts content all to benefit Cancer Research.


Frolic Poses?

Yes Guys and Dolls I tied him to my pose stand and Played with his body twisting and manipulating it into some fantastic poses that you can own!

Head on down to the Fashion for Life and grab your exclusive set. All proceeds to benefit the Relay For Life charity.

In-Pose! Frolic FFLI couldn’t chain him down for the photos poor dear is so busy making this event fabulous for all but my dear friend Brendon Heron stood in to show you what fun we have in store for you.

In-Pose! Mod FFLFun for the ladies you haven’t been forgotten the MOD poses are also 100% for the Relay For Life.

In-Pose! Fabulous Piggyback FFLand for the playful couple who loves to be fabulous!

Grab yours today at In-Pose! @ FFL

FFL ADOver 2 Million Linden raised and counting. Lets turn that 2 into a 20! We can do it!

Mohna’s Emerald Tatiana and Lazuri’s Eda

This amazing glittering gown in emerald is a real eye catcher shimmering as you move. Elegance grace sophistication these are all words to describe this exquisite gown. I am proud to be allowed to share this look with you today. Even more so as it is an exclusive color available only at Fashion For Life. The purchase of this gown will not only help you look your best for a wonderful night on the town with that special someone but the proceeds go 100% to help find a cure for cancer. Who can beat that its brains and beauty all in one package!

MOHNA_001Quietly Contemplating the beautiful night ahead.

MOHNA_002Gathering strength and courage to be the best she can be.

MOHNA_003Full of confidence and ready to go! Emeralds never gleamed so brightly.


Photographer and Model: Trinity Graves

Jewles: Lazuri Eda

Makeup: Madrid Solo- Full Face Design- D’Arcy  Lips Only, Madrid Solo- Twice Shy-Lime Jello

Gown: Tatiana Gown  MOHNA LISA COUTURE

These wonderful items available at the 2013 Fashion For Life event which opened its doors to the public today.


A Silken Moon under the River Rocks!

A soft face and a silken skin frames these beautiful River Rocks.

Join us today at the 2013 Fashion For Life. These amazing creations are available for your purchasing pleasure. All proceeds to go to Relay for Life and Cancer Research. You can help make a difference while being stylish and beautiful. Shopping to your hearts content has never been so guilt free.

Trini 001Today at Noon Fashion For Life opens to the public.


Photographer: Wicca Merlin

Model Trinity Graves

Skin: SM Eclipse Lumee FFL Exclusive dk Nat Med

@ FFL –

Makeup: SM Eclipse Eyes FFL 2013 Hey Gray, SM Eclipse Lips FFL 2013 Plead not guilty

@FFL –

Jewels: River Rocks Necklace – Chop Zuey

@FFL –

Don’t forget to Visit In-Pose! (shameless Plug)

@FFL –


Battle Angels. Fighting the good fight.

In the midst of a chaotic world there are those who give of themselves to help others. Battle Angels! Fighting the good fight. Its our turn to be a Battle Angel. Relay for Life is a wonderful way to do our part. Helping others to find a cure for cancer and end suffering that is so needless.

Battle AngelsWe may not carry swords or axes. Nor do we wear steel on our breasts. We do not fight the battle royal in the fiery flames of hell. But we can still fight the fight. Defeating the enemy in our own unique way. Fashion for Life is an amazing event with designers and models and builders and all the wonderfully talented artists and admin people who have opened their hearts and given of their time and creativity to help save a life. They are the battle angels of today!

Will you fight with us?


Model Zoya Deigan:

[VM] VERO MODERO / Courage Dress

*Dura* Hair 2


Madrid Solo – D’Arcy

Haphazard Photography and Works {Zoya Shape} (Zoya Deigan)
*contact in world for more information*
*GA* Mesh Lashes Divina

[Anara] Customeyes

the body co. Orchid (01) Fair brown / enhancement (cleavage full)

{D.A} Contour Blushes

blackLiquid MAKEUP – lip line

[The Forge] Drezloire Armour Black (Female)

[Lemon’s] Wings

*~*Illusions*~* Curiata Mask

MONS / Makeups Lipstick (pack 1)

~EA Brutish Armory – Chaos Axe 1

Model Trinity Graves
Dress , wings, helmet:

PP - Greek Gold

Akeruka Cleo skin Exclusive For FFL #1

SM Eclipse Lips FFL 2013 Iron Maiden

H&S Sultans Scimitar


March 9th – 17th

Shopping! Who knew it could do so much?

Its Shopping time again. Time to open those wallets and do a good deed while filling your closet with the latest and greatest in couture fashions. This time I have found a comfy casual dress with an interesting twist. The pattern so appealed to me that I just had to post it in all its orangey goodness. I don’t normally find this color so appealing but this designer has managed to bring it in a  funky fantastic fashion which makes this a closet fav in my book.

Orange DreamEven on 5th Ave. you’re sure to turn heads in this ensemble.

Orange dream 2Got your makeup done and your hair is fabulous now its time for Shopping! Every dollar you spend will bring us closer to a cure!


Model: Trinity Graves

Location: NYC-Fashion District- 5th Ave, New York NYC (98, 164, 31) – Moderate


Makeup: Madrid Solo- Twice Shy-Burnt Orange, Madrid Solo-Full Face Design- Spotted Owl Lips Only

Necklace: **Feel**Long TripleBeads Necklace(BRONZE)

Skin: Amacci Skin – Emma (Pale) – Rose

Dress: Legal Insanity – Vague dress – choco orange

Purse and shoes are not for the FFL event.

Purse: Maitreya Leather Satchel * Lion

Shoes: N-core ZEN “Orange” R

FFL ADBe there!


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